The Missing Link
by joe5art
Just to keep you in the loop. Just put this list together for an interview.
The website for Barrel of Grease Monkeys is:
You can buy the book at:
Buy gear at:
My old comic series Elsewhere is at:
For CARtoons Magazine is:
Kickstarter about March for new book.

Interview- (S4/E1) Joseph Krejci is the creator of Barrel of Grease Monkeys
2022 What to Do
by joe5art
First off, please feel free to leave comments. I see that we have a fair number of readers here.

So big list of New Years Resolutions for Barrel of Grease Monkeys. First off I'm going to be starting to put together the second book. The big news with that is that It's In Color! That's right f for over two years I've been doing them in color and the only way to see them is in the book.

There are also covers to draw, artwork to make merchandise, hopefully, shows to go do, Covid permitting,  and maybe some sort of strip to keep this site full of art since it is slowly catching up with all the pages I've drawn.

Yes, It's a BiG list.

Wish you and yours a great New Year.
Kickiin' it till April 15th
by joe5art
OK, I still got a Kickstarter going for about one more week. I'm at 75% funded right now! Please consider throwing in and passing it on. It's going to fullfill super quick.
Help Give me a Quick Kick(starter)
by joe5art

My Kickstarter starts in just over a week. Nobody knows exactly what going at the moment. Much less what response to a Kickstarter is. I figure there are some people who are tight on money and can't contribute but there are other people with extra free time to read and enjoy this also.

I took the Kickstarter I was planning and split it into two Kickstarters. One now and one when things get more normal.

Going for a "Quick Kick"(TM) Kickstarter. It's going to run March 31 to April 15 and try to get stuff to people in May!

Other Kickstarter(s) will happen later.

I am set up to full fill really fast. The printer is in the U.S. and has already run these items in small amounts. I hope to have stuff for you THIS MAY! unless something major changes.

Please click the New Link and follow My Kickstarter.

<A HREF =>My Kickstarter</A>

A Big Year For Barrel Of Monkeys!
by joe5art
I know when I'm not posting you are actively thinking I'm laying about doing nothing. Well, that's not totally true. 

We did make the Best Of CARtoons Magazine issue! Thank you so much if you voted. The Hot Wheels story was the one one that ran.

March 6-8, 202 I will be at San Diego Comic Fest. I will have prints and preview copies of my 1st reprint book. I hope this print will be done for it also.

That's right I put together a 60-page book of all the Barrel of Monkey stories through 2019.

By the end of March, I'll be starting a Kickstarter. (To pay for said book.) Please follow to keep notified and help us get more views. Share our upcoming Project, that's the best advertising!!!

Vote Us into the CARtoons Best Of
by joe5art
PLEASE VOTE for me. To be clear you want to email with your favorite story to be printed in CARtoons Magazine #25. You'd want to email "I'd like Barrel of Grease Monkeys' The CARtoons Brothers" or something similar.

You should be thankful. this finally got me to break down and start to upload complete stories.

March 5-8 2020. I will be at San Diego Comic Fest and I will have a book out by then that I might Kickstart soon.
Getting Orginized 2019
by joe5art
There was a lot going on last year for me (Mostly Good). That and producing the actual comic took place over all the online stuff.
I have goodies to buy at
And am working at putting a page together as well

March 7-20,2019 I will be at the San Diego Comic Fest!

It's the 60th Anniversary of CARtoons Magazine and I will have a Barrel Of GreaseMonkeys book out toward the end of the year.
by joe5art

Welcome to Barrel of Grease Monkeys

it is my cartoon that began running in CARtoons Magazine in 2017. Because it is a new comic in development, a paying project and the magazine has a lot of name recognition with automotive enthusiasts worldwide it has been getting most all my attention. Barrel of Grease Monkeys is my series and my first real series, AKA, Not self Published. The monkeys act crazy & looney. Maybe they've spent too much time in a barrel. But they are there to 'help' with car related issues, often with famous people and important events. They are often a force of Karma in the sense that people who deal with them usually get what they deserve.

What is CARtoons Magazine?

CARtoons Magazine came out in the late 50’s and was published/distributed bi-monthly up until the early 90’s. Think of it as Mad Magazine for car nuts. It contains comic strip stories, how to draw, and illustrations from various top name artists reflecting humor within the automotive industry.  Marc Methot, a reader and fan was successful on filing for the CARtoons Magazine trademark and bring the magazine back to life.

Why do I care and why isn't their More stuff?

Here is the deal, If it were up to me. If making money and keeping the magazine going were not issues. I'd share most everything right away with all of you. obviously, this isn't the case. but, I need to have a place to keep in touch with you. So I will post sketches, promo art, other goodies and sometimes a page for you to enjoy. I'll also keep you up to date on show dates. When new issues come out . Also when I put new products out; mostly via Red Bubble.
The magazine and I are also both active on Facebook.  &