Barrel of Grease Monkeys

The monkeys are crazy & looney. Maybe they've spent too much time in a barrel but they are there to 'help' with car related issues, often with famous people and important events.
Help Give me a Quick Kick(starter)

My Kickstarter starts in just over a week. Nobody knows exactly what going at the moment. Much less what response to a Kickstarter is. I figure there are some people who are tight on money and can't contribute but there are other people with extra free time to read and enjoy this also.

I took the Kickstarter I was planning and split it into two Kickstarters. One now and one when things get more normal.

Going for a "Quick Kick"(TM) Kickstarter. It's going to run March 31 to April 15 and try to get stuff to people in May!

Other Kickstarter(s) will happen later.

I am set up to full fill really fast. The printer is in the U.S. and has already run these items in small amounts. I hope to have stuff for you THIS MAY! unless something major changes.

Please click the New Link and follow My Kickstarter.

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by joe5art