Barrel of Grease Monkeys

The monkeys are crazy & looney. Maybe they've spent too much time in a barrel but they are there to 'help' with car related issues, often with famous people and important events.
2022 What to Do
First off, please feel free to leave comments. I see that we have a fair number of readers here.

So big list of New Years Resolutions for Barrel of Grease Monkeys. First off I'm going to be starting to put together the second book. The big news with that is that It's In Color! That's right f for over two years I've been doing them in color and the only way to see them is in the book.

There are also covers to draw, artwork to make merchandise, hopefully, shows to go do, Covid permitting,  and maybe some sort of strip to keep this site full of art since it is slowly catching up with all the pages I've drawn.

Yes, It's a BiG list.

Wish you and yours a great New Year.
by joe5art