Barrel of Grease Monkeys

The monkeys are crazy & looney. Maybe they've spent too much time in a barrel but they are there to 'help' with car related issues, often with famous people and important events.
Off Schedule & Off The Rails
Okay, comic posts should be positive. This is not going to be positive.

Some of my health problems are coming to a head. Mainly diabetes and depression. My wife has been dealing with cancer this year and has surgery this coming Friday the 13th of May. So if you could keep positive thoughts and prayers for us that would be great.

I want stuff to be the best I do. Needless to say, this means things like shows are on hold for now, and updates on the site might be a bit off schedule.

I really try to give you the best comics and products I can. I'd rather the book bump back and give you a really good book than rush it. 

Thanks for. your positive thoughts. -Joe

Update So far she is doing well.
by joe5art